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Oil rig jobs in Norway

Oil rig jobs in NorwayWe suggest to familiarize with the following information, which you will find the answer to all your questions on employment in the Norwegian oil platforms, and which will become an essential tool in your employment on an oil platform in Norway.

Due to the difficult working conditions and, as a consequence, high staff turnover, to work in the Norwegian oil refining companies constantly need fresh influx of labor.

For maintenance and repair of drilling rigs and energy required men and women, unskilled workers and specialists of the following professions: repairers, fitters, mechanics, divers, industrial climbers, drillers, chemists, machinists, electricians, welders, turners, engineering, mechanics - all electrical profiles, etc .. For domestic service crew required: laborers, cooks, waiters, cleaners.

Wages to 9000 US$ per month - due to the high level of economic development of Norway, as well as, traditionally, highly profitable oil production.

Eligible Applicants

Basic requirements - it is good health, do not pass the selection of persons having such problems with health, as hearing, vision, all kinds of chronic diseases (especially the gastrointestinal tract, heart, liver, etc.) Age - men accepted up to 55 years and women up to 50 years. No criminal record, drug and alcohol addiction (to be confirmed relevant references). Depending on the position for which applying - the qualifications and level of English or Norwegian language.

Operating conditions

Travel, honey. insurance, accommodation and meals paid by the employer company. The minimum contract period of 1 year. During the contract, the work is done in shifts around the clock. Duration watch on the oil platform is 105-180 days (depending on the employer's company). Work schedule for technical staff - 4 hours in eight (4 hours - work, 8 - rest), domestic staff continuously working day 8 hours a day. Days of rest during the watch missing. Mandatory rest on the mainland provided the team at the end of the watch, from 15 to 45 days (depending on the length of the watch - respectively).

Living conditions

Living conditions on the platform at a very high compliance with European standards, level. Comfortable cabins with shower (2-3 pers.), high-quality, varied 4-yoh meals (fruits, vegetables, meats). And in his spare time you have available online, video, satellite TV, gym etc .. These services, including the Internet, are created for the comfort of employees and are provided free of charge.

Package of documents for employment

To start the process of employment, you need to obtain a full package of documents for employment, which includes the following information:

  • Application for employment
  • The application for a work permit and residence permit
  • Power of attorney for the assignment of interests of the applicant to obtain a residence permit and work permit
  • Visa applications
  • Terms employers in the reception and work on offshore oil platforms
  • List of required general civil and accompanying documents to obtain work permits, residence and employment
  • Manual document creation and employment process
  • Addresses of the largest oil companies in Norway

If, you are interested in this information and want to get the full package of documents for the conclusion of the contract - you need to go to the registration page and fill out the application form for receiving The cost of information services is 95 EURO.